Bucket List

I love making lists. To-do lists, shopping lists, lists of books to read, packing lists, etc. I find enjoyment out of crossing off things I’ve accomplished.
(I guess that’s the nerd in me.)

Because of this, I’ve decided to start a public bucket list.
I plan to keep it up to date and cross things off as I go.
Do you have a bucket list? What’s on it?
Help me add to mine!
I’d love for some fun ideas!

  1. Visit Australia
  2. Swim with dolphins
  3. Go to Canada
  4. Take a photo with a lion cub
  5. Go on another cruise
  6. Go on a segway tour
  7. Visit Greece and Crete
  8. Go to Turks and Caicos
  9. Go on a wine tour
  10. Run a 5k
  11. Visit NYC
  12. Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans
  13. Go to a Super Bowl
  14. Zip line
  15. Stand under/swim under a waterfall
  16. Go to Disneyland in California
  17. Go to the Holocaust Museum in D.C.
  18. Inspire at least one person
  19. See the Hollywood sign
  20. Visit Hawaii
  21. Go to the Grand Canyon
  22. Eat pasta and pizza in Italy
  23. Get married
  24. Ride a motorcycle
  25. Go on a tour in the Everglades
  26. Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain
  27. Obtain a master’s degree
  28. Have children
  29. Camp outside & watch the stars
  30. Own a Maine Coon
  31. Go on a picnic date
  32. Learn to ski
  33. See the cherry blossoms in DC
  34. Visit the Four Corners Monument
  35. Graduate College (May 2016)
  36. Attend a music festival (April 2016)
  37. Go to a casino (February 2016)
  38. Try sushi (February 2016)
  39. Road trip/vacation with my best friends (March 2016)
  40. Buy a car (September 2015)
  41. Start a blog (February 2015)

Last updated: June 5, 2016


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