Friday Favorites


If this doesn’t tell you how ready for the weekend I am, I’m not sure what will! This week has been crazy. I worked 3 different jobs this week, attended class, cheered at a basketball game, AND my head is still attached to my body. So I’ll call that a win.

Although it’s been a hectic week, I have a few favorites to share with you today:

1.  Sunday Funday


Kylie was home for the weekend so we decide to brunch. (Can brunch be a verb? It is now.) We did gymnastics together when we were super young – side note I swear I have pictures somewhere and I WILL find them! – went through school together (Kylie was older so we weren’t in the same grade) and reconnected through our blogs!
We had a blast catching up and gossiping as only two girls can do. It must have been obvious to the entire restaurant that we were enjoying ourselves because two older ladies came over and told us how they could tell we were having fun and that it made them happy to watch two friends catch up. Stuff like that just makes my day.

Sunday Funday Part 2 


If you didn’t watch Grease Live on Sunday night, we can’t be friends. It was SO good! My mom and I (and our cat) enjoyed singing and dancing along to the show. Grease is one of our favorite movies and we were extremely impressed with this remake!

2. Caffeine 


I drink at least two cups of tea per day. But on Tuesday on my way to class, I just needed an extra kick of caffeine so I stopped at Dunkin for an iced coffee.

3. Diamond Candles 

For Christmas, my best friend Lauren got me a Diamond Candle. The candle was called Spring Break and not only did I love the scent, but it was also extra sweet because we are going on Spring Break together in a few weeks. The ring inside also happened to be one of my favorite colors. So pretty!

4. Lokai – Alzheimer’s Edition 

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 11.38.40 AM

I love the meaning behind the Lokai bracelets and I love that they give back even more. This month, they are donating to the Alzheimer’s Association, a cause near and dear to my heart. I read that the founder of Lokai decided to create the bracelets after his grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s because he learned to be hopeful during the low points and appreciative during the highs. Love that.

5. Rocksbox

A few months ago, I signed up for Rocksbox, a jewelry subscription company that sends you awesome things! Basically they send you three pieces of designer jewelry that match your style, totaling around $200 but you only pay $19/month (no matter how many times you send it back for more!). You get to wear it as much as you want, send it back, and they’ll keep sending you three new pieces! I really like it because they send me things I never would have thought about trying or things a little out of my price range that are so fun to wear! You even have the option to purchase the items at a discounted price if you want.

This month I got a pair of earrings, a ring, and necklace.

Interested in trying out Rocksbox for yourself?
Use the code randibff24 on this site for a FREE month subscription!

Although I had a busy week, it was a good one. I’m ready for a relaxing weekend though!


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8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Mattie @ Northwest Native says:

    I love all the jewelry from your Rocksbox! I have been wanting an X ring like that forever…it would have to fit on my middle finger like yours does because my ring fingers are both occupied. Alzheimers is a cause near and dear to me too! I’m going to have to check out Lokai. That iced coffee looks soooo good right about now!


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