Show and Tell Tuesday: How To Win My Heart

I thought long and hard about how I would write this post when I saw the topic: How to Win My Heart. I even texted Molly and Kylie stumped as to what I would say? Apparenlty feeding me French fries and telling me I look pretty wasn’t good enough to write an entire post around. However, those are two very important things to winning my heart 😉

On a serious note, I’ve come to realize a few key things when it comes to winning my heart. I’ve had my fair share of relationships that have taught me what does and what doesn’t win my heart. A few years ago I wouldn’t have stood firm by this statement, but I now know that little things mean the most. You don’t need big extravagant gestures everyday to feel special, it should be more about the person and who they are.

Here are the small things it takes to win my heart and of course some quotes to describe them:

1. Attention


2. Affection


3. Honesty


4. Humility


5. Humor


6. Friendship


Or if you don’t possess any of those traits.. buy me some French fries 😉


What silly or serious things does it take to win your heart?


Show and Tell Tuesday 2016-2



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