Tasty Tuesday

So far this week I’m 2 for 2 with blogging! That has to be a record for me… so I’m going to brag about it! Linking up with Megin from VMG206 today to brag about all of the good food I’ve been making and eating recently! 

Brag About It VMG206 650

I started my New Years resolution to eat healthier on January 4th. So January 2nd, I went out with a bang and had a Primanti’s sandwich, because FRIES.

Primanti_Menu_2008apr v2a outside right.indd

If you’re from Pittsburgh or have ever been to Pittsburgh, you’ll understand. (Cough, Kylie, cough.)

Since January 4, I haven’t had French fries. That has to be the longest I’ve ever gone in my 21 years on this earth! But I HAVE been eating some delicious things and I thought I’d share them with you all today!


Supreme Pizza Pasta Casserole. Each serving only has 314 calories. Not that that’s important, but for how delicious this was, I was happily surprised! If you’re craving pizza but trying to avoid the grease, I highly recommend this!


Turkey Tacos. I LOVE TACOS. I decided to make them with ground turkey rather than ground beef to be a little healthier and honestly I couldn’t really even taste the difference! I might even like turkey better!


Bananas and Apples with Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chips. Aka a heavenly treat that is kind of good for you! I’ve seen this all over Pinterest and finally decided to try it out. Yum!


I won’t tell you how many eggs it took me on this specific morning to get the perfect dippy egg…


I never knew how much I loved sweet potatoes until starting this healthy food kick. I could eat them everyday!


I can’t take credit for making this meal (Josh gets all credit – I did help with the asparagus!) but it was AMAZING! Crab cakes on salmon, parmesan asparagus, noodles, and sangria. The way to my heart is definitely through my stomach! I’m a foodie!

What have you been making or eating? Any suggestions what I should try next?



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