Show and Tell Tuesday: 16 Things in 2016

I’m Randi.. and that’s one of my dogs, Beau.


I’m a college senior studying communication (almost done – yay!). I’m an only child but I consider my two dogs and my cat my “siblings.” I’ve been a cheerleader for as long as I can remember (16 years!) and I’ve got the best friends and family in the world. The beach is my happy place and if I could eat one food everyday it would be French fries. That’s the cliff notes version on me… want to know more?

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Today, I’m linking up with Andrea and showing and telling! Today is a kick off to 2016! Link up, tell us a bit about yourself and your resolutions for 2016!

Every year I make more and more resolutions and I rarely seem to stick to them. As a matter of fact the only resolution I’ve EVER kept I made my sophomore year of high school and I still continue to this day… And that is making my bed! Pathetic right?

Anyways, this year I’m determined to make smaller, more attainable goals. So I’ve come up with 16 for 2016 that I think I can handle!

1. Cut out sugary drinks – A lot of time when I open the refrigerator or am out to eat I order pop or a fruity juice. I know if I stick to tea or water I’ll have a lot more energy and will feel better about myself too!

2. Work out at least 3 times per week – I’ve already gone once this week and my gym bag is packed for tomorrow so I’m on a roll! Although I’m sore, I know seeing results will be worth it.

3. No snacking after 8 pm – I’m going to try to limit myself but this will be hard because when I’m bored I eat!

4. *THE HARDEST RESOLUTION OF THEM ALL* Limit my French fry intake – Fries are my love language when it comes to food. My goal is to eat healthy overall and treat myself occasionally because we all know:


5. 7-8 hours of sleep every night – Since I just started my new job and have classes starting back up next week this is really important for my physical and mental health! I require a lot of sleep to be in a pleasant mood! Nobody wants to be around someone cranky!


6. Keep a food journal – Self explanatory. Then I can know when I deserve a reward!

7. Eat breakfast everyday – Sometimes I would rather sleep the extra 20 minutes than get up and have breakfast but I know eating in the morning will give me more energy!

8. SAVE MONEY! – In the next 5 months I have 3 trips planned that I know of. As you all know, I love shopping, but I also love spending money on experiences. And I’ve got a lot to pay for coming up!


9. Eat out <2 times per week – This is going to be hard for me. But it will help with #8 too!

10. Become a better cook – See #9 and #8. My future husband will thank me for this!

11. Read two books per month – That way I can blog about it with Molly 🙂

12. Spend 30 minutes-1 hour per day alone without my phone – I know it doesn’t seem like much but I think each day everyone should spend some time alone, unplugged whether it be reading or writing or just drinking a cup of tea!

13. Graduate college – MAY!!!!!!

14. Worry less – I tend to over think anything. And do you know what that does? NOTHING. It only makes things worse. I need to work on not thinking about what could go wrong, but rather what could go right!


15. Blog more! – Writing is a stress reliever for me and I love looking back at how I’ve changed and what’s changed in my life.

16. Enjoy 2016 and live life to the fullest!

Want to see what’s coming up next? Check it out below!


Show and Tell Tuesday 2016-2


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