What’s in My Bag?

After stalking Kylie’s blog for approximately… the entire time I’ve had a blog, I noticed she was doing a fun linkup called the 2015 Blog-Tember Challenge. Since I’ve known Kylie since I was 7(?), I definitely look up to her as a writer and a person. Because of this, I decided to join in on the fun too!


I know I’m fashionably late to the party, but it’s always better to make an entrance, right?! To see the entire list of topics, click here. I don’t think I’ll be able to do every one for the rest of the month, but I’m definitely going to give it my best shot to do a few!

Today’s topic:
Tuesday, Sept. 15: What’s in your bag? Pick up your purse and peruse its contents, then share with us!


I’ve never been the girl who carried the same purse all the time. I can thank my mother for that. I’ve always changed purses with the season, outfit or occasion. You don’t wear the same jewelry or shoes everyday do you? A purse is just as important to any given outfit!

Since I’m at school my bag is a lot different than it normally is throughout the year. When I’m not in school, or when I’m out and about on the weekends, you’ll probably find me with something like this:


I love a cute little bag that can go on your shoulder or be a cross body while shopping. I had been on the hunt for the perfect yellow bag all summer and of course I found it at the store I work at… Score!

Side note: Please ignore the bandage on my hand while you’re checking out the purse. This photo was taken at my cousin’s wedding a week after I got a screw through my hand. But that’s a story for another time 😉

Anyways, the best bag I can recommend for school, work or just everyday use is a Longchamp. I’ve had my bag a little over a year and I’m in love. I chose this bag in Fig. But whenever I decide I need a one, the Ice Blue is calling my name. (As you can tell, I like a bag that makes a statement!)


Over the last year the bag has been through every type of weather, been thrown around my car, and had multiple things spilled inside, and it is still in pretty good condition! I love that it’s so easy to wipe off!

Even when I’m not in school, my bag typically holds the same things, with the exception of textbooks and folders.

Here are my necessities:

1. GlassesScreen Shot 2015-09-11 at 9.53.31 AMA girl’s gotta see, right?!

2. Laptop, Planner, Keys/ID

My Macbook is a necessity when I’m at school… but my planner is a necessity year round. I’m super type A so I need to know what I’m doing and what’s going on in the future. Spartina makes the cutest planners and I’m so glad I splurged on it this summer. My ID case is also important because it’s my only way to enter my apartment building!

3. WalletIMG_4779-1

Spartina also makes wallets and handbags. I got this at the beach this summer. It’s a wristlet/wallet. But the best part is my phone fits in the front pocket! I love this because when I’m running an errand I can just take this and it has everything I need in it.

4. Pencils/Pens/MarkersIMG_4778

When it comes to my planner, I have to have the right writing tools!

5. Makeup touchup kit

This little back contains some pretty important stuff as you can see! I love reusing the bags I got with my ipsy subscription. It helps me stay organized. In here I keep a mirror, lipgloss/lipstick, mascara and any other makeup I might need.

6. Emergency kit IMG_4780

In this little bag, I have things like gum, bandaids, chapstick, medicine, lotion and anything else I might need throughout the day.

During the school year I don’t make it back to my room very often, so I have to be prepared!

What’s in your bag?



11 thoughts on “What’s in My Bag?

  1. Barbara says:

    Love your bag, Randi! And, love that you have your “emergency” stuff, “make-up” stuff, and “writing tools” in separate little bags…never thought of that; my stuff is just tossed in, except maybe the meds or “emergency” stuff…they are all in an inside zipper compartment of the purse.


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