21-Day Game Changer Week 1 Update

I’ve officially made it through a week and a half of my 21-Day Game Changer. (To read about my challenge, click here!)

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 9.25.32 PM

To learn about other great things Chelsea has to offer, click here!
She’s awesome, and super helpful 🙂

Here’s what I’ve learned so far: 

1. Following a set plan is difficult, but worth it!
Although it hasn’t been long, I have seen some small results so far.

2. The better you eat and drink, the more energy you’ll have.
I notice a huge difference in my energy level when I am not indulging in greasy food or sugary drinks. Although I do miss them, I know that I’m making a change for the better. And I can always treat myself occasionally 😉

3. Working out helps!
Yes working out is hard and not always fun. But I always feel better once it’s over!

4. Don’t depend on the scale, but it can be good motivation!
So I know you aren’t suppose to weigh yourself every single day, but I have been just to keep my own little chart. And when it goes down everyday (even if it’s only a wee little bit) it’s definitely motivation to eat healthy!

5. You can eat fun stuff that’s healthy too!
You don’t have to eat plain chicken and broccoli for every meal of every day to be healthy. Take a look at this delicious steak and veggie stir fry I made… yum!


Goal from week 1: 

1. Give up all drinks besides water and hot tea
Well I succeed with this one with one exception… I had to celebrate Sam’s 21st birthday with her… so a drink was necessary!

Goal for week 2: 

1. Continue to follow week 1’s goal!

2. Add some cardio into everyday by walking my dogs! They’ll love it and so will I 🙂

3. Hit my Fitbit goal everyday (10,000 steps). So far so good this week!

Be sure to stop back next week to see how week two went. If you’re interested in joining or doing the 21 Day Game Changer, it’s only $21. That’s a great deal! Contact Chelsea for more information!


So tell me, what’s your favorite healthy meal?



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9 thoughts on “21-Day Game Changer Week 1 Update

    • Randi says:

      I’m trying to… Although I did eat a cookie today, because it’s Thursday and I needed it. Chelsea is actually a personal trainer I went to school with so this is her own workout to help kick start a healthier life!


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