Show and Tell Tuesday – Beauty Routine

show and tell

Happy Tuesday! I’m linking up with Andrea today to share my beauty routine! Since my beauty routine in the morning is mostly focused on my skin care and makeup, I figured I would share my favorite brands and products with you!

Ever since I started wearing makeup, I’ve almost always kept it the same. Seriously people, for the last 8 years I’ve worn the same brands and used the same color scheme. (Told you all I don’t like change!

However, once I got to college and met my friends Sam and Erika, my outlook on makeup changed and I spread my wings (but just a little bit) in the cosmetics industry. I’ve kept it mostly the same because I am biased to my favorites, but with their help, I’ve found some really great brands. So without further to do… my beauty routine!

I’m a firm believer in skin care. I always wash my face at least twice a day – once being in the shower and the other time either at night or in the morning… it depends when I  shower.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always used this face wash.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 4.44.48 PM

L’OREAL’s Go 360 Clean Anti-Breakout Facial Cleanser seriously changes lives. It’s super gentle on skin and super gentle on your wallet! I also love the little scrublet that it comes with. It makes washing your face fun and easy!

clq_6EM601_402x464And after washing my face I always use Clinique’s moisturizing gel. It’s perfect for the summer and so much lighter than a face lotion.

When it comes to makeup I’m pretty much set in my ways about Clinique. My skin can be sensitive when it comes to makeup and Clinique has never failed me. 

Perfectly real makeup is my go to foundation during the winter months. 
During the summer, this contouring palette is all I use on my face. I also use it in the winter over top of my foundation.

After that comes my eyeliner. Can you guess what brand I use? 😉


This Quickliner for Eyes Intense is the best. It goes on super smooth. It comes in 15 colors but Intense Clove is my favorite.

I bet you’re all thinking I use Clinique mascara too… WRONG!


A few months ago I started using this CoverGirl mascara after obsessing over one of my friends lashes via snapchat. I’ve always just bought mascara at the drug store. I could never justify paying more than $8 for mascara… until recently that is.

In my May ipsy bag, (sign up now using this link!) I got a sample of tarte’s lights, camera, lashes. This mascara is totally worth it’s retail value. As soon as my sample runs out I’m headed to Sephora to get this!


If and when I use eye shadow, I always use Urban Decay’s original eye shadow primer followed by the Naked Palette. 604214916630_naked

And finally – the lips!

I’ve always loved Clinique’s Butter Shine Lipstick in Pink A Boo. To me, it is the perfect pink and perfect for everyday wear.Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 8.16.45 PM

Then Erika introduced me to Buxom, I knew it was perfect for pairing with my lipstick.  One of my favorites is this pale pink called Katie.Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 8.44.03 PMThat’s what my typical morning beauty routine is made up of!
What are you favorite beauty brands?
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12 thoughts on “Show and Tell Tuesday – Beauty Routine

  1. Kylie McGraw says:

    My mom always tells me I need to wear more lipstick/lipgloss! I slack in that department. I want to try that Buxom brand! And I NEED that mascara! I have some kind from Ulta right now that the lady suggested but it’s just okay…


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