What’s Up Wednesday – June Edition


What’s up friends?! It’s the last Wednesday of June! How crazy is that? I only have one more last Wednesday of the summer. For the last Wednesday in August, I’ll already be at school for my last cheerleading camp ever. I can’t believe summer is over halfway over. Anyways… Linking up a little late in the day with Mel, Shay and Sheaffer! Hope you all had a fabulous Wednesday and remember….


Here are the rules: answer the questions below, link up, read up and have fun!!


What I’m eating this week: 


These delicious Fudge Fantasy Bars. One of my bosses at my work study at school made these and I had to snag the recipe from her because they were so good! The best part is the fudge stays gooey for days after they’re made. It doesn’t harden up.
Full recipe coming your way soon because you must try them!

I also ate these Pretzel Crusted Chicken tenders from The Cheesecake Factory.
Highly recommended!

What I’m reminiscing about: 


That one time I tried to be a paddle boarder… I had been wanting to do this for months and we finally got to try when I was on vacation (on the roughest water day of the week). Let me just say, it’s harder than it looks!

I think I’ll stick to this…

I’m also missing the beach being my view everyday. Is it time for another vacation yet? I think yes!

What I’m loving:


I was talking to my friend Maria the other day and love and life and my future and she made me think of this verse. Sometimes I need reminded of this. I can’t plan out everything exactly how it’s going to happen, I just have to trust that what’s meant to happen will.

What I’ve been up to: 

Full-time internship, freelance internship, social media and email blast job, summer class, physical therapy, seeing friends AND trying to squeeze food and sleep in there somewhere!

What I’m dreading: 

Nothing at the moment thankfully!

What I’m working on:

Staying sane… But really! I’m working on staying organized and finding some free time to enjoy summer.

What I’m excited about:

Seeing my friends! My bff Lauren comes home for a week soon and I’ll get to see all my school friends! I’ve missed them so much!

What I’m watching: 

I’m still working on Private Practice but I’m on the last season. I’ve only been able to watch it here and there but as soon as I’m all about giving this a shot…

What I’m reading: 

I haven’t been reading anything yet but I’m still determined to start Danielle Steele’s The Promise soon!

What I’m listening to: 

Silence. And it’s beautiful.

What I’m wearing:

I am OBSESSED with American Eagle’s Soft & Sexy tanks. I may or may not own 5 of them… but they’re so comfy I just can’t pass them up!

I also am loving my Lucky flats. They have just the right amount of shimmer to be the perfect nude shoe.

What I’m doing this weekend: 

Sleeping in, working and most importantly… Seeing my friends!!

What I’m looking forward to next month: 

I don’t have big July plans, but I hope it finally stops raining so I can enjoy the sunshine on the weekends!

What else is new: 

Nothing… Happy Wednesday!

What I’m doing for the 4th of July:

Spending time with my family and friends at the pool and eating lots of good food.

What’s up with you guys? Stay tuned for my awesome brownie recipe!



6 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday – June Edition

  1. Molly Middleton says:

    Sounds like a great weekend is up ahead! I post about brownies, you post about brownies…we were made to find each other’s blogs 🙂 P.s. Love, love that verse! Proverbs is one of my favorite books in the Bible.


  2. Mattie says:

    Can’t wait for that fudge bar recipe! I tried paddleboarding in Mexico. It was free to rent one at our resort and I’m soo happy it was free because yes, it was harder than it looked so we didn’t stay out there for our whole rental time period! I love your lace kimono!


    • Randi says:

      You seriously have to try the recipe! It’s out of this world! We had the boards for 4 hours! I definitely didn’t last that long though haha :p and thank you – American Eagle!


  3. Kylie McGraw says:

    That beach chair picture of you needs to be on a billboard or something. What summer should look like!!! I want those flats. My nude ones are so uncomfortable! #bigfootproblems


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