A Randition on the Importance of Breaks

For those of you who know me, you know that I seem to always be working or working on something. My mind goes at a much faster speed than I drive, and I don’t remember the last time I didn’t have at least 5 tabs open on my computer. I’m not complaining though, I like it this way. I can’t hold still, even when I’m sleeping.

I’m a pretty busy person. I’m a full-time college student. And as if that wasn’t enough, I am very active on campus with clubs and three part time jobs. I have friends and family who tell me to cut back and remove one thing and to relax more. But I can’t (and this is probably the reason I have back problems, haha). I can’t give up on any of those things – I’m no quitter! And honestly, I like being busy.

But… Life can be exhausting and overwhelming. Sometimes, we need to take some time for ourselves to unwind. Which is why I say this: Everybody needs and deserves a break. Whether it be from work, school, a person or even just life in general. Breaks are what help keep people (especially me) afloat when life is overflowing. Breaks are my “me time” where I relax.

When you’re busy, you’re productive. But sometimes we run out of energy and need to reboot. Luckily, I get a lot of breaks throughout the year while being a student. Although it was a week late on my part, I decided to join my cousin, Morgan, on her Spring Break and we headed south to visit our grandparents in Myrtle Beach.

IMG_1968Ahh, cousins reunited for the first time since July. I missed this girl!

While breaking, I learned a lot about how to make the most of breaks.

1. Go with the flow. I’m terrible at this. Terrible. I hate it. I like to have everything written in my planner weeks in advance. But when you’re at the beach, time doesn’t exist because you’re on “vacation time” (at least that’s what my dad always says). So whether you’re at a tropical destination or simply having a stay-cation at home, take advantage of it. Sleep in, stay up late, forget about your work and enjoy yourself.

IMG_2026Think like the ocean, be a wave. Go with the flow and go wherever it takes you – I hope it’s somewhere sunny and 75!

2. Take it all in. In a few days you won’t be looking at the same view, whether it is the ocean or staying inside in your pajamas all day.

3. Do something good for your soul. For me, that is laying on a beach and feeling the sun warm my body. It may not be good for my skin (I’ve got the scars to prove it) but sunshine is definitely good for the soul, as long as you put on some sun screen! 😉

4. Indulge in good food. When you’re on a break, calories don’t count! I spent a lot of time this week eating good food (and gaining 4 lbs…). Here I’ll prove to you how good it was:

IMG_1960McAlister’s… Like Panera, only better because they have baked potatoes! They also have the best peach tea in the world, trust me. Yum!

IMG_1969No trip to the south is complete without a Krispy Kreme run. Why did they ever leave my area?! I love me some donuts with sprinkles.

IMG_1971A power breakfast made by yours truly. My future husband will be one lucky guy ;). Seriously though, relaxing is a lot of work for a Type A personality like me, so I need some good food to get me ready to tackle a day of relaxation!

IMG_2023On our last night, we went to PF Changs! Morgan and I got a 2 for $40 deal and got these cute little chocolate raspberry desserts.

5. Embrace your inner child. This is easy, especially when you’re with someone who played such a big role in your childhood! It’s so fun being a “grown-up” with Morgan and talking about guys, clothes and life. But sometimes I miss playing Harry Potter in her back yard and watching old Disney princess movies (oh wait, I still do that one!)

IMG_7814This is how we roll… Morgan made it known that if you simply flip the picture, she’s doing a handstand too 😉

IMG_2027Because when I eat froyo, I embrace my 5-year-old self!

FullSizeRenderAnd the best picture of this trip… We went to a show at The Alabama Theater called The One. I highly recommend this show to anyone visiting Myrtle Beach no matter how old you are. They dance and sing to covers of songs from every genre and decade. During one of the country songs, one of the dancers walked through the audience, grabbed my hand and took me on stage. They handed me a guitar, a hat and told me to wing it! (I AM NOT GOOD AT THAT!) Luckily, the guitar wasn’t plugged in to anything so I just danced around and had fun. I guess those were my 15 minutes of “fame”…

6. Make memories. Between relaxing, beaching, good food and lots of laughter, this trip was just what I needed. Spending the weekend with Morgan and our grandparents was wonderful and I can’t wait to do it again!


We had such a fun time together. So much love. My heart is happy!

How do you spend your breaks?



4 thoughts on “A Randition on the Importance of Breaks

  1. kyliemcgraw says:

    This looks like such a fun getaway 🙂 Perfect way to recharge for spring semester! I’m spending my break in good ol’ Plum…with an upper respiratory infection. Who has time to be sick?! So I have literally been going to do all of my fun plans and then I immediately come home and put on pajamas. Although who am I kidding, I do that on days when I feel fine… hahaha


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