Motivation Monday: Fitness Edition

Oh Monday… we meet again. Today marks one month since I began my New Year’s resolutions. Since most of them are about living a healthier life, I thought my Motivation Monday would be all about fitness today.

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I’m a firm believer in this. 21 days. That’s all it takes. Start today!

And after those 21 days…



I think this is important for everyone to remember. Beauty is not just skin deep. Everyone has beauty on the outside AND the inside. So we need to take care of both!


Use the next 21 days to convince your mind you want to be healthier because…






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Happy Monday!



Monday Motivation: Faith Edition

Happy Monday! Linking up today for another round of Motivation Monday. Last week, I gave myself (and hopefully some of you) motivation to get through the work week via some of my favorite Pinterest quotes.


Today, I thought it would be fun to share my favorite quotes from Pinterest in regards to faith.


This is my absolute favorite Bible verse.


I love this one too because #friendship. Friendship makes life so much sweeter.


I can relate to this one so much. I’m extremely type A and I always want to know what’s going on and have a plan. However, that only gets me so far. I can’t plan for all of the unknowns in life, just have to have faith!



Last year, someone sent me this picture at the exact moment I needed it. Sometimes we have to have faith that if we let go of something or someone small that is holding us back, we will be brought something bigger and better. 4e12ac5855f36eb42ae851e0e1352877

What are your favorite quotes or verses dealing with faith?

Have a good week!

Motivation Monday: Work Edition

Monday is here yet again… Do you ever feel like this when you wake up on Monday mornings?


I know I’m super guilty of feeling this way every week and wishing for the weekend to come back quick! However, I’m going to start trying to feel like this instead…


(Although I would grab some tea, but that’s just me!)

While I was doing some blog research (aka creeping) I stumbled upon Holly’s blog, and she has this awesome page of link parties! To get back in the grove, I decided to take advantage of this. My favorite Monday option is below:


How perfect is this?! I think everyone needs a little motivation on Mondays to crawl out of bed and tackle the week. Unless you’re one of those crazy people who loves mornings AND Mondays… in that case, email me and teach me your ways!

So for the next few Mondays, I’ll be linking up with the lovely people listed below to motivate you to get through your week!

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This week, I thought I’d motivate you all to make it through the work week and take on whatever is happening at your job! Since I recently started classes again and my first real adult job, I need these quotes more than ever to stay positive and trust in the changes I’m making!


I loved this quote because I’m definitely a beginner at my job. I’m working in a field I know nothing about, but so far I’m loving every minute of it. The girls I work with are awesome and willing to teach me because they were once in my shoes too! Let this quote reassure you that trying something new is good because you never know, you might end up loving it and being really good at it!


I also love this because one of your hobbies has to be your job. You spend so much time at it so you might as well pick something you enjoy! And the more you enjoy the job where you make your money, the better you can feel about spending it on other hobbies!


So who cares if it’s Monday? Go out there and have a good day, be positive, and kick this week’s butt at work!

See you tomorrow!

A Randition on New Beginnings


I think starting over is one of the hardest yet bravest things anyone can do. Whether it’s picking up the pieces after a relationship ends, graduating, moving to a new city or entering a new career – change is never easy. Especially when that change is life altering. And I for one have had a lot of change in my life lately – hence why I have been MIA for a while.


However, I have come to realize that as scary as new beginnings are, the change can be not only necessary, but dare I say… wonderful.


If that you would have stayed at the job you only tolerated because the pay was decent, would you have ever found the career you love? If you never would have switched your major at college would you have met your best friend on your first day of class? If you would have stayed in your past relationship just because you were comfortable, would you have ever met that great new person who treats you how you deserve to be treated? The list goes on and on, but I think you get the point. We just have to be brave enough to create that new beginning.


Recently, I’ve had some major fears about new beginnings because a lot of them seemed to come my way all at once. I started my senior year of college, I started searching and applying to real jobs, and I started to realize that the future is coming faster than I thought – or wanted it to. Most of those are an exciting form of scary. BUT I have faith and hope that this is where I’m supposed to be right now. And I’ve learned that the most important thing is to live in the present.


How does all of this apply to me you might ask?
This semester I balanced an internship, 3 jobs, cheerleading, a full class load, and (somewhat of) a social life. Because of my hectic and busy life, I made the decision to “slow down” this upcoming semester and enjoy myself. I use the words “slow down” very loosely because I might actually be taking more on, just shortening the list.

It was a difficult decision, but I have decided to only take one class (I’m ahead so I’m still graduating on time). On top of that, I’ve accepted a part-time job that will hopefully continue as full-time upon graduation.  This means I have to live back at home which is exciting and scary all at the same time 😉

I plan to have a lot more time to blog -so I have no excuses now! Stay tuned!

I’ll leave you with this. As Semisonic would say, “every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

So here is to new beginnings!


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Fudge Fantasy Bars

As promised, here is the recipe to the delicious Fudge Fantasy Bars that I posted about here. One of my bosses brought these to work one day and I was in love. Have you ever been in love with a food before? If not, I promise you will be once you make these. They’re that good.

1 chocolate cake mix
1 egg
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1 can sweetened condensed milk
6oz (half a bag) semi sweet chocolate chips

How To:
First, combine the cake mix, egg and oil with a mixer until it’s crumbly.



You can use whatever brand of chocolate cake mix you have at home.



This is what is should look like when you’re done mixing. Not like your typical mix huh? Just trust me 🙂

Next, you want to smush (spelling?) 2/3 of this mix into the bottom of a 7×11 baking pan to form a crust. You can use a different size pan if you want, this is just what works the best for us.


This is what you want it to look like. The crust won’t take up the entire thickness of the pan. Next, step toward your stove!


In a small saucepan, melt the chocolate chips with the sweetened condensed milk. You’ll want to stir this until it’s smooth.


Pour the melted chocolate over your crust until it covers it completely and looks like this…


The best part is next… lick the spoon that you used while stirring the chocolate chips. Hello sugar rush!

Now you might be wondering what to do with the left over cake mix that you have? Simply sprinkle it on top of the melted chocolate until it looks like this:


My mom added some crushed nuts to her section.

Then bake at 350* for 22-30 minutes and enjoy! Look how gooey that fudge in the center is.

These are perfect when you need something to take to a party and want to be a little more creative than plain brownies.
Try them and let me know what you think!

Happy Monday!

I’m the Kind of Person…

I’m the kind of person who believes that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery (thanks for letting me steal your blog topic, Kylie :p )

I’m the kind of person with a full closet (and then some) and nothing to wear.

I’m the kind of person that once I find something I like, I buy it in every color.

I’m the kind of person who requires a good nights sleep… Please don’t wake me up in the morning unless you’re prepared.

I’m the kind of person who is neither a morning or night person but rather an afternoon person.

I’m the kind of person who will only have their TV volume or air conditioner on an even number.

I’m the kind of person who will never wear white pants after Labor Day no matter what the fashion rules are saying now. I’ve only recently felt comfortable with black/brown and black/navy.

I’m the kind of person who would rather have a bag of Doritos or a plate of fries over chocolate cake any day.

I’m the kind of person who believe that everything happens for a reason even if we don’t know what that reason is yet… One day we will.

I’m the kind of person who would rather watch the same 10 movies over and over rather than seeing new ones.

I’m the kind of person who hates spontaneity but yet needs to have a set “changing” routine throughout the day. I’ll get bored always doing the same thing.

I’m the kind of person that when a big change happens that is out of my control, I have to change something that I can control.

I’m the kind of person who cannot carry a tune in a bucket (although I spent many years in chorus) but I probably know every word to every song on the radio. Put me on The Singing Bee!

I’m the kind of person who has seen every episode of Gilmore Girls and Sex and the City (multiple times) but anytime it’s on I have to sit down and watch it.

I’m the kind of person who thinks into things way too much.

I’m the kind of person who can never skip a meal (besides sometimes sleeping through breakfast). I just love food too much!

I’m the kind of person who lives for making a to do list and then crossing things off of it. Don’t even get me started on my love for my planner.

I’m the kind of person who would rather talk to someone at a company to solve a problem over the phone rather than doing it all online.

I’m the kind of person whose extremely indecisive.

I’m the kind of person who believes happiness is a personal choice. Why wait for others to make you happy when you can do it yourself!

I’m the kind of person who is the only person like me.

Thanks for creating this post, Kylie!
What kind of person are all of you? Let’s see!


Summer is my favorite time to read. I say this because I can pick what I want to read without having to read what professors assign. Don’t get me wrong, I seem to always enjoy what my teachers assign – I even have a literature minor. 

But there’s something so relaxing about being able to read what you want, when you want and with no time restraints. Last semester, one of my really good friends, Julie, was reading a book every time I’d see her on campus. She just couldn’t seem to put it down. I had heard many good things about this book and knew I had to borrow her copy when she was done.

Now, I don’t want to ruin the book for you or give anything away, but I do want to share with you some quotes and things I learned from reading Cheryl Strayed’s Wild.

Let me start off by saying I almost always read love stories that are extremely predictable. Yes, I’m a Nicholas Sparks junkie. But I also love stories that are inspiring, stories that are powerful. Normally these are inspiring love stories. But they are inspiring, nonetheless.

I was hesitant starting this book. I knew it was about a woman who backpacked all alone in the woods. What could have intrigued Julie so much about that?! After one page, I knew this wasn’t as my friends would say, a “Randi book.” (Anything super cheesy or cliché seems to be a “Randi fill-in-the-blank). But after a great recommendation from, I had to at least give it a try, right?!

But once I hiked (punny, right?!) further into Strayed’s words, I realized it actually was a love story; a story about self-love, self-worth, self-motivation and most importantly self-determination.

I thought it would be fun to pull some of my favorite quotes from the book (a lot of which Julie must’ve loved too because she underlined them!). If you’re anything like me and love pinning quotes on Pinterest, I hope you get a little inspired from Strayed’s words and head over to Amazon to get your own copy!

My favorite Wild quotes:

“I didn’t feel sad or happy. I didn’t feel proud or ashamed. I only felt that in spite of all the things I’d done wrong, in getting myself here, I’d done right.”
Death, drugs, lying, cheating, divorce… all of these things got Cheryl to hike over a thousand miles. Maybe they weren’t the best things that could have happened to her, but they definitely led her to the right place to find who she truly was and could be. 

“The universe, I’d learned, was never, ever kidding. It would take whatever it wanted and it would never give it back.”
Although this was referring to when she lost her boot on the trail, these words stuck out so true to me. We can’t control the things or people that come in and out of our lives. We just have to trust and accept that it was for a reason and that more good things are coming. 

“Theres no way to know what makes one thing happen and not another. What leads to what. What destroys what.”
Again, trust and accept yourself, God’s timing and your surroundings. 

And of course my favorite…

I hope you enjoyed this and maybe one of you will want to read Wild.
Strayed also wrote Tiny Beautiful Things (Advice on Love and Life from a column titled Dear Sugar.) I can’t wait to read that.

Next on my list is The Promise by Danielle Steel, a recommendation from another great friend of mine! Anyone read it?
What else should I be reading now?